Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Red Hot and Blue - Irving, TX

Decided to check out some Memphis BBQ tonight at this restaurant - I felt a little silly ordering Memphis-style pork in the state known for it's beef brisket but the street appeal of this place captured my eye. The visit got off to a great start as the iced tea was brought in a small pitcher glass, equivalent to around a 32 oz. cup, which means I won't have to order 10 teas during the meal.

The waitress was very nice and suggested I try at least two meats - I chose the pulled pork Carolina-style sandwich along with two dry spareribs. I was quite pleased that the ribs were offered dry, too many BBQ places today are using excessive amounts of sauce to cover up dry or poor quality meats. This place did not have that problem. The sandwich was delivered on a toasted quality roll with a slight drizzle of their mild BBQ sauce. The pulled pork was tasty and met expectations. The two spareribs looked more like babyback style but I probably just got the end of the rack, which is all the better as the sandwich was quite large. The ribs had a very good flavor, nice crispy coating and very moist and juicy meat. Just the way I like ribs, and had I been there for a rib dinner, I would have left very happy. The sauce selection was decent, every sauce was tomato-based, two sweet sauces, and two mild sauces, all with varying levels of spice. I selected the mild with a touch of the hot sauce.

The one side that I chose was turnip greens, it had a great flavor and was very good overall.

The overall rating of Red Hot and Blue:
Meat: 4 of 5
Sauces: 3 of 5
Sides: 5 of 5
Tea: 5 of 5
Overall: 4 of 5